Oncology Customer Feedback

  • Sincerely, Megan Granger
  • I wanted to first off thank you and the company for the samples of Healios. The orange and the grape are “Awesome” according to Sophia.

    I wanted to share her story from the last two weeks. We have had every side effect from chemo you can have. Allergic reactions to Peg and now after her second dose of Methotraxate a rare side effect of fever.

    On Nov 20, 2015 Sophia had her first round of Methotrexate, we had only been using regular glutamine and that has not really worked well for her last 5 months. She had issue with mucositis even with the lumbar puncture. So when we hit the 48 hour mark of after two large bags of Methotrexate her mouth was completely full of sores, down her throat and they believed in her stomach based on her pain. We ended up staying in the hospital for two extra days do to her sores.

    When we got home the samples you sent were waiting for us and we started the product right away. The sores healed within three days of using the product. We have been using it since in preparation for her next stay.

    On 12/14/2015 we entered the hospital for round two of Methotrexate even though we still ended up staying for the last 7 days it was not due to sores. When we got to the hospital we increased the Healios to three times a day and we ended up with very minor inflammation. WONDERFUL…..

    Thank you again, for what you do for kids with Cancer. Without you support we could not afford this product nor would she be feeling so much better this time.

    Thank you - Thank you Annie Christensen
  • As a cancer patient, I have discovered many things - one of the most important is the little phrase "Quality of life". Anything that improves this for a cancer patient becomes very important. Last year when I first began chemotherapy treatment for Stage IV non small-cell squamous lung cancer, the day after my second treatment (I got one a week) my mouth and throat began to burn like fire whenever ate anything. This started as soon as I put food in my mouth and intensified as I tried to chew and swallow. I was told that this was an expected side effect of chemo and was given a guide of some steps I could take to alleviate the problem (no acidic foods, rinse with baking soda, etc.). These steps helped a little, but the discomfort was still so bad that I began to dread eating and started to even skip meals. I began to lose weight, my tongue was covered in sores and blisters, and my throat was raw and from what I could see, breaking down also. I was consulting with a radiation oncologist (although I had not begun radiation treatment yet) and he recommended to me a product that had been developed for pediatric radiation patients. This product was called Healios. It was explained to me that it was a powdered amino acid concentrate that, when mixed with water, you would sip, swish and slowly swallow. This applied the product directly to the affected areas and would work to rebuild mucosal tissue, i.e. the lining of the mouth, tongue, and throat. Being willing to try anything for some relief I purchased a container and following the directions, began to use that very evening. THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING!! Within two days I noticed a reduction in the size and severity of my mouth ulcers, and within a week they were gone! I also was able to swallow without any discomfort or pain. I was able to eat more of the things that tasted ok to me and actually, eventually was able to put some weight back on.

    I would recommend Healios to anyone undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy to the area of the chest where the throat might be affected. As a matter of fact, when a new tumor in my chest was discovered this year and more chemo was decided upon as the course of treatment, I made sure that I started using the Healios before I even began treatments. So far I haven't had mouth blister one. If someone I cared about was to be this day diagnosed with a cancer requiring chemotherapy, I would purchase a container of Healios myself and give it to them so that they would have it before any problems developed. I tell you, the amount of improvement to my "Quality of Life" makes Healios a product that I consider to be cheap at any price. As far as I'm concerned, the doctor who developed it should be awarded a Nobel prize for medicine. In the year and half I've been being treated, Healios is far and away the best cancer "supportive care" product that I have come across. If it was up to me it would be a product that the insurance companies would pay for. As it is at least as beneficial to my treatment as any medicine.

    SincerelyDavid Waddell
  • I am a survivor of Stomach Cancer. As a result I am being treated for ulcerated esophagitis that is a byproduct of the removal of 50% of my stomach. I found the mouth wash easy to prepare and soothing, My burning sensation if from high in the back of my throat, throughout the entire lining in the esophagus and half way down into my rib cage. It helps to sooth the burning where nothing else could. The entire mouth area has been healed. I surely prefer having the mouthwash as a permanent part of my medical care.

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    I am a cancer survivor and have daily used Healios for about 6 months. I want to share the unusual part of my being a user with you. I am not the cancer patient the researchers developed Healios for but am very grateful that it was available for my use.

    I lived in Salem, Oregon for 14 years. About 2003 during a normal endoscopy my gastroenterologist found that my stomach lining had many pre-cancer cells probably due to the many different medicine since 1990 to aid the pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis. He did two more scopes on a yearly basis. It was his procedure to mark the stomach lining off in 16 square grids. He would take biopsies using so many squares plus 4 random choices. Never the same squares each time. After that he would do an endoscopy on a bi-annual basis. In October 2012 it was determined that some of them had begun to change. After many conferences the tumor boards decided at my age it was best to remove as much stomach as necessary and create a synthetic one. They ended up removing 50% of my stomach. The cancer was in the outside portion of the stomach that was removed; fully contained and all the surrounding tissue clean. Needless to say I was pleased with the results; especially no cancer, no chemotherapy and no radiation. I was 81 years old at the time. There are about 28,000 stomach cancers found a year with 8,000 being females. Mostly the cancers are at stage 4 or higher and not able to be treated successfully. Mine was not that advanced but I was told it was very aggressive by the Oncologist.

    After 6 months of recovery I moved home to Lafayette, Louisiana and seemed to be doing very well except I was loosing lots of weight and not able to eat enough to stabilize my weight at 115. Starting last spring I began having extreme burning sensations from the back of my throat, surrounding the lining of the esophagus and half way down my rib cage. After running every test imaginable the results showed no cancer cell of any kind; no regurgitation; no ulcers, etc. But still the burning was there and continued to increase the burning pain especially in the back of the throat. Not wanting to eat and not eating increased the weight loss.

    In the course of trying many different kinds of medicine and combinations, the nutritionist at the Oncologist’s office suggested that I try Healios along with the medicine. The literature sounded helpful to me especially since the doctors wouldn’t let me take any of the over the counter aids which weren’t helping either. I found the solution easy to prepare and very pleasant to drink. It would sooth the back of my throat where nothing else seemed to reach. Sometimes I would wish for a sprayer so I could spray the area like the opera singers would do when warming up. At times it seems like I can feel it in the ear canals but I think that is sympathy pain in the nerves. Since I was eating about every 2 hours I ended sipping and swishing most of my waking moments stretching each dose out as long as I could.The total amount was never more than the amount of two drinks per day.

    On my last visit to the gastroenterologist I complained about why they just didn’t take my entire stomach and be done with. He said no Kate. The surgery would have taken over 8 hours and I’m sure the surgeon didn’t want to put you through that. I wouldn’t have either. And besides, you would be worse off than you are now. Of course, I replied, I will take what I have and be grateful.

    Nothing I eat or drink seems to set the burning off; nothing seems to make it stop. The burning seems to have a mind of its own. I have only tried the grape flavor. I’m afraid with my history to try the citrus one. I would not want to go through my day without having two drinks of Healios available for me. I surely would recommend it to any of my acquaintances and try to tell everyone that might have a need how well it works and how easily it is to prepare and clean for another dose. Besides I liked it on Facebook and this is the post I made today.

    Sincerely, Kate Redford
  • I was facing 7 weeks of radiation that would target my left lung. Unfortunately the radiation was going to be aimed close to my esophagus and cause some burning.

    My doctor recommended I try Healios to minimize the soreness and pain of swallowing. I mixed Healios every morning and carried it to radiation. I slowly swallowed it just before the procedure. I also drank the Healios just before bed and drank nothing afterwards. I did this religiously for all 7 weeks.

    I did not have any signs of difficulty swallowing or pain for all 7 weeks. My doctor said I was the only patient she ever had that did not need narcotics for pain. I did begin to suffer some painful swallowing after the 7 weeks because I thought “I was out of the woods” and had stopped taking the Healios. I resumed the Healios regime and after 3 days and nights drinking it, the pain subsided and my swallowing became easier.

    I would pray I never have to go through this again but I can assure you that I would take Healios and not stopping it until 2 weeks after the last radiation.

    I would recommend this product to anyone going through radiation. As a side note, I had chemo therapy once a week and never became nauseous and never went through the horrors I’ve heard others say they’ve suffered. The only difference in my treatment was that I was taking Healios.

    Sincerely Hilda Johnston
  • I was diagnosed with squamous carcinoma in April, 2013. My consultation with my ENT left me with the impression that I was in for a very painful experience that would surely come due to the effects of radiation therapy. Severe mouth and throat sores seemed to be a certainty and I was preparing for the challenge that lay ahead. During my orientation meeting with my radiation oncologist, it was recommended that I speak with another patient of Dr. Lewis. He informed me that he was undergoing the same type of treatment that I was to undergo. I then learned that part of his routine included the daily use of the product Healios.

    Our oncologist was pleased with the reduction of sores in his mouth and throat and attributed the reduction to the product. Thanks to Dr. Lewis's recommendation, I was able to use Healios as well and experienced similar results. I am convinced that Healios made a huge difference in my ability to deal with the challenges associated with radiation therapy.

    My sores were minimized and recovery was positively aided by Healios. Hopefully, others will be able to benefit from this testimonial as they face similar treatment. I enthusiastically endorse the use of Healios for throat cancer patients and thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts regarding the product.

    Sincerely, Tom Strother Houston, TX
  • Fully recommend Healios for its intended use, as it was 100% effective for me. As I faced six weeks of daily radiation in my chest area for lung cancer, I was warned that the most severe side-effect would be damage to my esophagus and throat, causing a dangerous loss of apatite. I was advised to immediately start using Healios as a preventive measure to mitigate the damage.

    I used Healios twice daily after a meal as directed. During the third week, my throat began to get sore, but not my esophagus, which surprised my doctor. I realized that although I had not been eating after using Healios, I had been drinking liquids, which apparently had been washing it from my throat, but not my esophagus. I then began using Healios twice daily, without food or drink for an hour afterwards.

    The soreness in my throat disappeared within a couple of days, and never returned, and there was never any soreness in my esophagus, nor related loss of apatite, much to my (and my doctor's) surprise and delight.

    As a side note, I found that during those few days of soreness, sipping Healios with a meal, between bites, completely relieved the soreness during those bites.

    I am very thankful to have had Healios to use during my treatment.

    Paul Veerkamp Lawrence, KS
  • My name is Frank Cole, I am a 72 year old patient.

    In September 2013 after surgery on my tongue to remove cancer I received thirty treatments of radiation to both sides of my tongue. My physician oversaw my treatments and recommended a mouth rinse designed by Healios. I selected the orange rinse and used it 3-4 times daily during my treatments and three weeks afterward completion of the radiation treatments.

    The rinse was terrific in protecting me from any major problems with my tongue and mouth. I had very little discomfort and was able to eat soft meals and drink and swallow without difficulty. My taste was a little diminished; however I still enjoyed meals and drinks.

    Eight weeks after completion of my treatments I am enjoying meals and drinks to the fullest.
    I highly recommend the use of Healios rinse as advised by my physician for aiding in your recovery of radiation to your tongue or mouth.

    Sincerely, Frank Cole
  • General Customer Feedback

    Before starting Healios I was fatigued and found it difficult and frustrating because it seemed like everything I ate was aggravating my stomach. I was bloated all the time. I started the Healios one scoop every other day to make sure my body could adjust to it since I'm so sensitive. Did that for a couple weeks then moved up to one scoop every morning. Now, moving back down to one scoop every other day since I'm getting low. Before I weighed 142 lbs, 23.5 % body fat which was mostly water weight. I've been training for my first bikini competition about 3 months prior to starting Healios and felt embarrassed showing up to my first posing class in a swim suit because I was nowhere near my teammates because I was so bloated!! So since time has passed, introducing Healios in my routine, staying on the same medications, same meal plan, workout stayed the same except the last 3 weeks doing double cardio my results are amazing!!! I have energy, no pain, have been able to stick with my meal plan and eat like a normal person. Best of all....no bloating!!! I now look like my teammates and I couldn't be happier! This stuff works and I swear by it! You have given me my life back! I can't thank you enough! I'm down to 125lbs and 17% BF. So from a Crohn's sufferer I am now a Crohn's survivor thanks to Healios!!!! Thank you so much for this!!!!!

    Sincerely Dana Ward
  • I simply wanted to share that I have been dealing with GI issues for over 6 years. I have had numerous colonoscopies, diagnosis, and have tried various probiotics and antibiotics. I was told I have ulcerative colitis, IBS, celiac, and never received a firm diagnosis. I tried Healios and it literally has changed my life. I think there is a great opportunity to possibly help those that have GI issues as for me it has truly helped my digestion, absorption, and health. I simply wanted to let you know how thankful I am for this great product!!!

    Sincerely, Court CreedenCharlotte, NC, USA
  • Hope all is well in Houston, Texas. Unfortunately, I have some sad new to report from here. Michele’s dad lost his battle with cancer on May 19th of this year. It was a great loss for her, her mom and son, and of course for family and friends that knew Luigi. He was a great family man.

    Luigi endured a lot this past year. He had great surgeons, doctors, and great supportive care. His doctors were amazed at how well he tolerated months of chemo, and neck radiation for 33 days. He had regained his ability to eat and communicate.

    From the day it arrived and was approved by his doctor, Luigi was taking the Healios that you so generously provided us with. We had re-ordered the orange flavor Healios when he finished the first two months supply. Orange was his favorite. He took it twice a day as directed. Michele and I know it played a huge role in his body’s tolerance to chemotherapy and his intense radiation to the throat and neck. Again, his doctors were impressed with his tolerance and resilience to it all.

    I can honestly say that the Healios product helped make a significant difference. He maintained his ability to eat, and he never developed discomfort in his mouth, nor in swallowing. We know that your recommendation played a significant role in his comfort and recovery during those crucial months. You provided us with a proven supportive nutritional product for cancer patients, and we thank you so much. We were happy that Luigi made a go at having a quality of life, following that tough decision to have the throat surgery last year. Heartbreaking, he was taken too soon.

    I hope that feedback and stories like this help you continue to educate, inspire and help others in so many different aspects of their lives. On behalf of the Nicoletti family and my wife Michele, thank you so very much and regards to all.

    Sincerely, Richard CaputoMillen Place, NY
  • Anyone who has ever had mouth sores from chemotherapy would do ANYTHING to avoid them. My 7 year old daughter is fighting bone cancer and one of the major side effects of her chemo treatment is mouth sores. She gets them so bad that we have to be admitted at her children's hospital and take narcotics to swallow her own saliva. A friend of mine told me about healios and we started using it immediately ! Ever since we have introduced healios we have escaped mouth sores almost completely ! My daughter never misses a dose because she's afraid they will come back! Healios is wonderful!!!!!! I just gave some to my oncologist to spread the word ! It's amazing!!!

    Sincerely,Kara Boyd, CA